The Port of Darłowo is located on the south coast of the Baltic Sea, at the mouth of the Wieprza river.

The entrance to the port is protected by two breakwaters to the east and west, each over 400 m long, ending with two navigation beacons, i.e. a set of guiding lights. Their task is to show the ships the axis of the fairway.

Like every port, the Port of Darłowo, has its own roadstead, i.e. outer port. It has a radius of 1.5 NM. The fairway from the sea to the head of the breakwater in the direction of 116 degrees is 960 m long, 60 m wide at the bottom, and 8 m deep. The distance between the entrance heads is 38 m, and the depth is 7 m.

Vessels up to 75 m in length and a maximum draught of 4 m may enter the port (according to port regulations, with the permission of the Port Captain and under favourable weather conditions the maximum admitted length is 90 m and maximum draught is 4.2 m), however, the ship-owner is obliged to use pilot services if the length of the vessel is over 40 m.

The port covers an area of 4.7 hectares and vessels with a maximum length of 120 m may turn around.

Entering the port requires opening the retractable bridge named after Captain Witold Hubert. The bridge opens at the top of every hour. The fairway to the mouth of the Wieprza river is 2420 m long, the width at fairway axis is 23 m, the depth is 5.5 m. The manoeuvring basin (a branch of the canal and industrial basin) has 110 m in diameter and it is 5.5 m deep.

Practical information for visitors
• 67 berths (including 15 for vessels from 8 to 12 m, 9 for vessels from 12 to 15 m),
• suitable for boats up to 15 m,
• the fairway is 5.5 m deep and the maximum draught for yachts in the marina is 4 m,
• wooden deck mooring platforms with running water and electricity supply,
• modern sanitary facilities – including a 4-person family toilet, a toilet for the elderly and a toilet for the disabled,
• laundry and dryer room,
• Wi-Fi,
• TV,
• security cameras in the port,
• 2 sheltered barbecue sites with a smokery and a place to build a bonfire,
• interactive travel planner with access to the current weather forecast,
• Infolounge – a space where you can read nautical literature over a cup of coffee and exchange experiences with the sailing community,
• the marina is friendly to elderly people and it offers tricycles with shopping trolleys, stairs/gangways to facilitate descending and ascending yachts, and trolleys for loading/unloading,
• automated external defibrillator (AED),
• easy-to-use marina management system designed by an experienced sailor,
• the Port of Darłowo has a mobile crane with a lifting capacity of up to 32 tons,
• proximity of the shipyard where boats may undergo maintenance,
• permanent parking spaces available,

The daily docking fees of a yacht depend on its length and are as follows:

Length overall
of the vessel[m]
port fee[PLN]
port fee[PLN]
up to 5,99 40,00 450,00
from 6,00 to 7,99 60,00 550,00
from 8,00 to 11,99 80,00 800,00
from 12,00 to 14,99 100,00 1050,00
from 15,00 to 19,99 130,00 1350,00
from 20,00 to 25,99 160,00 1750,00
more than 26,00 250,00 2200,00

In addition, a fee of 5 PLN is charged per each commenced day for each person on board the sport – recreational vessel.

The price includes:
– docking berth,
– power supply,
– fresh water supply,
– use of sanitary facilities (toilet, shower),
– access to wi-fi network in the area of the marina,
– possibility of discharging grey water and black water (according to the limit specified in the price list),
– possibility of discharging municipal solid waste.

If you are interested in a permanent docking berth in the marina, you should submit your application by March 10 according to the template attached below to the head office of the Darłowo Port Authority Ltd. by post at 27 Conrada Str. in Darłowo, or send a completed application to the e-mail address:

Application for a permanent berth in the marina (click to download the .pdf file – in polish)

Please contact us for more information.


“There are few emotions comparable to the way you feel when setting sail, leaving your home port and embarking on a new journey. I guess they only compare to coming back to your marina. No other port you visit stirs up such emotions. It is often curiosity, admiration, sometimes disappointment… But you can only feel your heart racing when over the stern or the bow you see your loved ones waving at you on the berth, the familiar shape of the coastline, the skyline, the light of the lighthouse.

These emotions are not easily labelled or classified. It is not just relief or longing, fear or nostalgia, joy or sadness. It is a mixture of all these experiences simultaneously. Incomparable. And although no tough sailor will admit, it is this storm of emotions that makes them come aboard and unmoor the boat.

And when you return from the sea to your home port, to “your” marina, you come back home. Although your actual home is often many kilometres from the port, the entrance to the marina is the entrance to your home. The rest of the journey after the cruise doesn’t count.

For us, sailors, the marina in the Port of Darłowo is our home. This is where they bid us farewell and where they welcome us. This is where we invite and welcome guests. This is where we sing shanties over a pint of beer, remembering past cruises and planning those ahead of us.

We are lucky that our marina is in Darłowo – in the middle of the Polish coast, in the middle of the south Baltic Sea. This is where the west, north and east meet.”


“This is where our every sailing adventure begins.”
Waldek Śmigielski
Yacht Club of the Royal City of Darłowo


The Sailors among you know very well what this is and what purpose it serves. In Darłowo we know that we have our “Essential Ballast” (“Niezbędny Balast”) on board. It is the name of a local shanty band, created in December 2013. They are great performers, but the uniqueness of the band comes from its composition. It consists of teachers and students of the Maritime Schools Complex. Their repertoire includes the best known shanties and their own songs, in which they emphasize the town’s royal identity in various witty ways.

Their songs complement the maritime education offered by the School. The band received awards during various national festivals of maritime and shanty music: RAFA in Radom, SZANTA CLAUS in Poznań, or KALMAR in Szczecin. Since the group is made up primarily of students – its composition changes quite often. It helps bring in some “fresh air” as well as some new instruments. This is precisely why the group never ages and constantly adds new quality and sounds event to most popular pieces. The leaders of the band are: Robert Gorgol (teacher at the Maritime School Complex) and Bogdan Balcerzak (deputy headmaster).

Their authenticity is further emphasized by the fact that, apart from music, sailing is very close to their hearts. “Niezbędny Balast” are no strangers to the helm, mast, and wind. Some of the students/musicians are winners of the Baltic Sea Knowledge Contest, organized by the Town of Darłowo, with the prizes including the Passport to Pogoria, which is a week-long cruise on the legendary “Pogoria” sailing ship. They are also participants of the “In King Eric’s Wake” (“Kilwaterem Króla Eryka”) sailing project, aimed at creating a new shanty, sailing in the footsteps of King Eric of Pomerania to Gotland, and organizing a shanty festival in the scenery of the Darłowo castle.

Bogdan Balcerzak – deputy headmaster of the Maritime Schools Complex – leader of the band “Niezbędny Balast”, proudly says that the band is one great musical family. We meet not only at rehearsals, but also privately, in our free time. We play music, give concerts, and sail together. New members of the band bring in different sounds, and those who already finished the school still stay in touch and sometimes sing and play concerts with the younger members. Some of the fruits of our work with the band are the “Na statku potrzebna jest cała załoga” (“A ship needs a full crew”) record and some material for a second one. It is also great satisfaction and contribution to the promotion of the School and the town of Darłowo.