Welcome to Darłowo and Darłówko: the perfect retreat destination duo.

We hope that visiting our port will be as thrilling as Vasco da Gama’s journey to India, as fascinating as all James Cook’s expeditions and that you will discover your own small America around each corner. We wish you fair winds that bring new and unparalleled experiences… Enjoy your stay in Darłowo.

Welcome to a picturesque town on the Baltic Sea which is famous for its sunsets, remarkable sights, turbulent history and sandy beaches. Let yourself be enchanted by the atmosphere of a sailors’ and fishermen’s town. Lay back, relax and recharge your batteries before the rest of your journey.


The Port of Darłowo belongs to the network of ports and marinas which comprise one of the most important tourist products of Western Pomerania, i.e. the West Pomeranian Sailing Route.

Thanks to its location between Gryfino on the Oder river, Szczecin, the Szczecin Lagoon, the Pomeranian Bay and the sea coast in Darłowo, you can take full advantage of the opportunities offered by its cross-border location and natural connection with the European network of inland and sea waterways.

The Marina, which is a modern yacht port, offers 67 berths for vessels up to 15 m long. The depth of the Marina is 4,5 m. Water garages with running water and electricity supply are located at floating piers.

Sailors visiting the Marina can use fully equipped toilets which are adapted to the needs of the disabled, the elderly and families. Family toilets were designed to meet the needs of a four-member family. There is also a laundry room with a drying room.

Television, internet, coffee corner with a library for sailors, sheltered barbecue sites which are conducive to integration with fellow sailors and a perfect venue for organizing small-scale shanty concerts or sailing events are the undisputed advantages of the infrastructure of the Marina of Darłowo.

In Darłowo, we cater to the needs of the elderly and the disabled.

The Marina offers tricycles with shopping trolleys, stairs/gangways to facilitate descending and ascending yachts, and trolleys for loading/unloading.

Boats in the Marina of Darłowo moor parallel to finger piers.

Before you set out on another journey, you can stock up on drinking water, dispose of municipal waste, bilge (oily) water, and faeces.

The Marina of Darłowo is a modern, functional and ecological yacht port for those who love sailing, water and wind.

If a vessel is in need of repair or maintenance, there is a thriving shipyard in immediate vicinity of the marina. The “M&W” Darłowo Shipyard offers a full range of services provided with the use of necessary technical infrastructure, specialized machines, and qualified and experienced specialists.

There is a specialist off-road mobile crane with a lifting capacity of up to 32 tons. It helps fishermen and sailors, facilitating and improving their work in the port. It is particularly useful when taking vessels ashore for maintenance or repairs.

You can get to Darłowo taking the following roads, which are incorporated into the municipal transport system:
1. National road no. 37, about 14.5 km long. This route connects the port of Darłowo and its seaside district, i.e. Darłówko, with the town centre, and continues along the shortest possible route via Domasławice and Słowino to Karwice, where it intersects with national road no. 6 from Szczecin to Gdańsk.
2. Provincial road no. 203 to Koszalin via Dąbki (37 km) and further to Ustka via Postomino (38 km).
3. Provincial road no. 205 to Sławno via Krupy and Stary Jarosław (22 km) and further to Polanów and Bobolice.

Darłowo is located:
• 15 km from national road no. 6 on the Szczecin-Gdańsk route,
• 23 km from Sławno (county capital, an important railway hub),
• 37 km from Koszalin,
• 46 km from Słupsk,
• 158 km from Goleniów – Solidarity Szczecin-Goleniów Airport
• 187 km from Gdańsk – Lech Walesa Airport in Gdańsk (Rębiechowo),
• 55 nautical miles from the Danish island of Bornholm (Denmark),
• 4 hours by car to Berlin, the capital of Germany (via S6),
• Nearest ports – Ustka, Kołobrzeg.

Darłowo railway station
ul. Bogusława X
Railcar on the Darłowo – Sławno – Darłowo route


The Marina of Darłowo is managed by Zarząd Portu Morskiego Darłowo Sp. z o.o.,
a municipal company whose offices are on the eastern side of the Port of Darłowo.

Zarząd Portu Morskiego w Darłowie Spółka z o. o.
Józefa Conrada 27 Street
76-150 Darłowo

Bosman Mariny Wschodniej:
+48 509 462 234

Bosman Mariny Zachodniej:
+48 573 216 953

Inspektor ds. rozliczeń i dzierżaw:
+48 509 462 214

Inspektor ds. eksploatacji portu:
+48 503 348 201

Stacja odbioru odpadów, wód zaolejonych oraz fekaliów:
+48 509 092 741

Useful telephone numbers:

„M&W” Darłowo Shipyard
Józefa Conrada 1 Street
76-150 Darłowo
(+ 48) 94 314 21 76

Port Captain’s Office (Zachodnia 2 Street)
(+48) 94 340 68 31
UKF: 12,14,16,

Port Administration (Zachodnia 15 Street)
(+48) 94 340 68 40
UKF: 12,14,16,

European Emergency Number

Volunteer Water Rescue Service
(+ 48) 601 100 100

SAR Coastal Emergency Station (Wilków Morskich 23 Street)
(+ 48) 505 050 975
continuous radio watch: VHF channel 11 and 16

Tourist Service Center (Pocztowa 6 Street)
(+48) 513 303 032

City Guard (Wieniawskiego 17G Street)
(+ 48) 94 314 34 97

Police (Rzemieślnicza 48 Street)